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North Dakota Walleye Fishing

RTFI Fishing Site ~ The RTFI Website was designed to explore numerous aspects of fishing and fun, and thus we have lots of fishing, and lots of fishing humor all wrapped up in one neat little package inside. As with any good fishing site, the RTFI website offers insight and wisdom into the ways of fishing around the Turtle Lake, ND area, a few fish photos, the RTFI fish cook book, and numerous links to other fishing websites, and lakeside communities in ND. Unlike most fishing sites however... since we're here to have fun, there's going to be much fishing humor as well. Should you by chance be looking to have a website of your own built, fishing, humor, North Dakota, or otherwise, click on the Dakota SEO & Design link below and give us a shout. Enjoy your visit! And, come back to see us often, when it's too nasty out to fish!

North Dakota Web Design

Dakota SEO & Design ~ Dakota SEO & Design offers a unique perspective in Web Design, specializing in simplicity and optimized load speed, while others pursue more complex design. We believe that getting you on-line faster will keep more clients on your site and increase your sales potential. In the ever changing world of web design, problems are confronted everyday with cross browser performance, programming issues, and server speed; especially in rural settings. At Dakota SEO & Design we are familiar with a great many of the issues unique to the rural viewer in ND and other parts of the country, and can design for optimum performance on slower rural systems. This affords the customer a faster, more reliable site, and thus more traffic for your web design dollar. We likewise offer consultation services on design and Search Engine Performance issues as well. See Dakota SEO & Design for your North Dakota or other Website needs.

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Outdoors News from Abroad

Welcome to our new Outdoors News from Abroad section, we're broadening our horizons and no longer limiting ourselves to simply having fun in the North Dakota Outdoors! We now include links to top notch Outdoor News Sites from far away places, for your reading pleasure! We do hope you find them interesting.

Heading up the latest Outdoors News from Abroad are -

Crappie Magic - Crappie Fishing Tackle

One might ask what the key to Kansas Crappie Guide, Mike Simpson's Crappie Fishing success is which I can tell you that the answer to that one is deep folks! Mike will probably tell you that it's his Crappie Magic Crappie tackle, which having seen a bit of that, the attention to detail he pays to everything he does in pouring, painting, and detailing jigs has got to pay off somewhere, so yes we'll give him that one! I'd also give him an E for effort, the guy never quits fishing. No matter what time of year, no matter what the weather, he's out there harassing the Kansas Slab Crappie some where!

Read more about
Crappie Magic in the
Editorial Section

Dakota Wirehairs - German Wirehaired Pointers

At Dakota Wirehairs we strive to breed dogs for the foot hunter, through selective breeding of top field hunting stock. German Wirehaired Pointers combine agility, strength, and endurance. Their natural pointing instinct is a trait bred into Dakota Wirehairs since we started breeding dogs. With little training our German Wirehaired Pointers will develop their natural instincts and personalities. They specialize in pointing and are strong retrievers with a soft mouth.

The Early Bird Jeff Sundin -

Go fishing in Northern Minnesota at the heart of The Chippewa National Forest. Located in Deer River, Minnesota, "The Early Bird" is at the door step of hundreds of great fishing lakes. In fact, Itasca County alone has over 1000 Grand Lakes and Jeff Sundin is right at home fishing on all of them. Lake Winnibigoshish (Big Winnie), Leech Lake, Cass Lake, Bowstring Lake, Round Lake, Pokegama Lake and Sand Lake are just a few. Our area offers great Walleye Fishing, Crappie Fishing, Musky Fishing, Bass Fishing, Northern Pike Fishing, Perch Fishing and Bluegill Fishing.

Old Fishing Lure -  not only focuses on the antiques themselves, the antique lure, rod and or reel. But, the people involved, the history and the timeframe surrounding the antique fishing lures. If you are already a lure or vintage tackle collector weather you collecting involves major old fishing lure makers such as  Heddon, Creek Chub, Chapman, Shakespeare, Pflueger, Talbot, Marhoff, Meek or Horton or less known lure makers such as Loftie, Pardee, or Haskell you should be able to find something to enjoy on the Old Fishing Lure site.

Salmon Fishing - Ucluelet, B.C.

Salmon Eye Charters is committed to bringing you the best experience possible. Sam and Ray Vandervalk are Christians and this reflects the way they do business. We demand excellence and expect you to have the best! Many 8-hour Ucluelet fishing trips see a full 200 litre cooler of salmon and halibut. This fishing compares with Alaska! Fish can be cleaned and packaged for travel anywhere in the world.

Vancouver Island
Fishing Reports

Fishing Information for the Pacific Northwest - Fishing is a popular pastime in the western states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Fish that populate this area are numerous and varied, but the species most well known and most sought after is the Chinook Salmon. We also have Steelhead, the large sea going rainbow trout that migrate into many of the coastal rivers and streams.Several imported fish such as the Walleye and the Smallmouth bass have steadily grown in popularity with the fishing public. Trout, panfish, crappy and even the lowly catfish have rewarded millions of people to the excitement and fun that fishing creates.

Fishing is Fun4u2do!

Past Fishing News Highlights
Included herein are Pat and Judy Long's Snake River Guide Service - guiding for Sturgeon, Walleye, Salmon and other species on the Snake River in Idaho. Also Daniel Clark's article on  Glow in the Dark Fishing Lures and Paints, and Canadian Tackle Manufacture, Norm Price with his Bottle Cap Fishing Lure  and Jann's Netcraft grace our pages here!


ND Fishing Forum

RTFI ND Fishing Forum ~ Come and join us in the RTFI North Dakota Fishing Reports and Fishing Forum, no need to be bashful, by all means signup! There's no catch to it either, it's simply there to pass the time whilst waiting on spring and warmer weather. To date we've got folks form all over visiting therein, we have one member from Arkansas, one from Indiana, and one from Michigan. Oh yeah... there are a two or three of us from North Dakota, as well. Lots of humor therein also!

Have a question on Crappie Fishing? We have Kansas Crappie Guide, Mike Simpson, to answer your questions, and provide tips and tactics for catching Slab Crappie. And, if your inclination be fishing for North Dakota's big water Walleye, we have Michigan's - Captain John Milbourne, who guides for Walleye, Salmon, and Trout on the Great Lakes to answer your questions there.

Rooms - Fishing & Hunting

Hunting & Fishing Rentals ~ Planning a hunting or fishing trip to the Turtle Lake, ND area? You'll likely need a place to hang your hat while you're not hunting or fishing, and although Turtle Lake is a great place to stay, we simply don't have enough visitors here to support a motel year round. A few local residents have however accommodated hunters visiting the area for years by purchasing small houses to set up as rental units, or renting out basement apartments in their homes on a daily basis. Several of these are available year round for your ND Fishing adventures as well. These furnished homes, as a rule come complete with all the trimmings to make your ND Hunting or Fishing trip an enjoyable one, and include pots, pans, dishes, bedding, towels, etc. Everything you'd expect in a cabin for your ND Hunting or Fishing trip. For those that might wish to camp-out while in the area hunting or fishing, Turtle Lake has several camping areas close at hand, with sites in the City Park and at nearby Lake Brekken offering utility connections. Boasting 18 lakes within a half hour's drive, Turtle Lake, ND offers an amazing fishing opportunity for your vacation dollar!

Solunar Charts & Sunrise/Sunset Information  ~ for your local area. Need to know what time the sun rises or sets for that important hunting or fishing trip. Now you can find it in a matter of seconds. This handy little page allows you to retrieve Sunrise/Sunset data for virtually any specified date, and anywhere you wish from Turtle Lake, ND to Tallahassee, FL and then some, you'll find they're all in there. The page likewise includes a link to Solunar Tables on-line at to help simplify your plans for hunting and fishing trips around the peak periods of activity.

The RTFI site works in just about every browser possible! Resolution is best cast at 1024 x 768, but it works in 800 x 600 as well.



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  Lannon Fire Department
GMC Suburban

Should we have any collectors of antique trucks wandering the site here...

Lannon Fire Department 1958-1959 P100 GMC Suburban

To be auctioned in the near future. This GMC Suburban has less than 20,000 actual miles on it. It was originally a Civil Defense vehicle, acquired by the Lannon Fire Department in 1966. Vehicle is all original, in running order, still in service as a brush fighting unit of the Lannon Fire Department.

Proceeds from sale of this vehicle will go to the LFD Equipment Replacement Fund.

If you may be interested in the '55 - '59 model Chevy - GMC Suburban, this is one sweet vehicle from what I understand. There is a full photo section on the links provided herein. It is my understanding that they will have a form up to submit detailed questions on this unit to the Lannon Fire Department. In the meantime if you guys want to post them here, I'll try and answer them or get my contact there, in here to answer them for you.

As for approximate worth of this vehicle... GMC only made somewhere around 1,000 of these vehicles from 1955 - 1959. To find one in this condition, w/4 wheel drive, and with less than 20,000 miles is extremely rare!

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