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Kansas Crappie Fishing - Crappie Tackle - at it's finest!

Crappie Fishing Southern Kansas - Crappie MagicIt's not very often I meet someone who impresses me with their fishing prowess, or their line of bullshit for that matter, but occasionally I do come across such an individual, and being in a position to bestow recognition upon their souls for accomplishment of such nature, as master of this here web site. I can get away with making them recognized should I so choose! Back when I was trying to get the site found by search engines, well... back when I was initially trying to get the site found by search engines, (I'm always trying to get it found)... and I was begging links on every fishing site I could find on the internet, (which believe me that is a bunch of them folks!) I stumbled across Crappie Magic.

Kansas Crappie Fishing Guide and Crappie Tackle Manufacturer - Mike Simpson's little spot on the web, looked like a likely candidate for reciprocal link. So I e-mailed the standard, "Hey could I have a link on your web site dude?" request, and received reply from Mike,  owner and webmaster of Slab Crappie caught on Crappie Magic Crappie Fishing TackleCrappie Magic. At that point, I gained respect for his line of bull. I know he certainly topped mine, and he was right up there with several masters I've known all my life in that respect! We found we had a lot in common, have remained in touch, and he has every since, blessed me with pictures to support his success as a Master Crappie Fisherman, and tackle manufacturer, thus gaining my respect for his fishing prowess as well, and such in general, because he catches other fishes like the white bass below left, and there are pictures of a couple of rather large Kansas Catfish he hauled in on ultra-light crappie tackle, seen at the bottom of the page here.

Crappie Tackle by Crappie Magic catches many species! I keep trying to convince him I'm a Crappie Fisherman at heart and that if he keeps sending those pictures, one of these mornings he's going to wake up and find me camped on his doorstep down there in Kansas, Crappie Tackle and Rods in hand, but apparently he's lonely, or he just doesn't believe me one, as he just keeps on sending them! By the same respect maybe that's his way of sending an invite to come to Kansas crappie fishing too. I used to have a wife like that, could not for the life of her figure out how to simply say "thank you" for something. Had to make a scene, tell you that you didn't need to do that, it wasn't necessary, she didn't get you nothing, or couldn't get you anything, or she'd just down right complain about things, when in fact she truly loved them. We're back on speaking terms and getting along rather well, and she's still that way! A $10 Candle from Wal-Mart elicited 15 minutes of complaints about my buying her a Christmas gift, because she was beside her self that I had thought of her at Christmas. But, I really don't think that's the case with Mike, as given his introduction way back when, there is little doubt in my mind, this guy's never at a loss for words! Believe me folks it was a riot!!

Master Crappie Angler Mike Simpson displays Kansas Crappie Fishing at it's Finest... Crappie Magic Tackle Unfortunately Mike is a state or two away, or I'd have already camped out on his Kansas doorstep! His day is coming very shortly however, as I'm presently not involved with anyone of the female persuasion to say, "No, you cannot go to Kansas Crappie Fishing!" or "No, you cannot go to Kansas Crappie Fishing without me!" In any respect, I've got no ties holding me here, and I'm getting real tired of looking at sub-zero temps of late, so you better look out Mike! Speaking of which we're having a heat wave at the time of this writing folks, it is all the way up to -10 f. at 06:00 hours, exceeding the high for all day yesterday, by about 10 degrees! Had a -30 something, showing yesterday at this time. So yes Southern Kansas and Crappie Fishing in 30 degree weather would be damned enjoyable about now!

Hand Poured Crappie Jigs custom made by Crappie Magic One might ask what the key to Mike's Crappie Fishing success is which I can tell you that the answer to that one is deep folks! Mike will probably tell you that it's his Crappie Magic Tackle, which having seen a bit of that, the attention to every little detail he pays to his hand poured, hand painted, hand detailed, and hand tied crappie jigs has got to pay off somewhere, so yes we'll give him that one! I'd also give him an E for effort, the guy never quits fishing. No matter what time of year, no matter what the weather, he's out there harassing the fish some where! I recall e-mails concerning a fish fry for Thanksgiving rather than Turkey, and there was a trip at Christmas, and mention of one at New Years. Speaking from experience, two factors come into play in that respect, 1.) you're more in tune with where to find the fish, and 2.) your odds improve simply out of sheer perseverance! I mean let's face it, if you only catch fish 50% of the time and you go 12 times, your odds are way better than someone who catches fish every time and only goes once! (And, as we all know... they were just lucky then!)

Kansas Crappie - Another falls prey to Crappie Magic Custom Crappie Tackle As for how all the rest of you might try and sneak up on a bit of Mike's infinite Crappie Magic wisdom... click that link right there, eh!  There you will find more than a few tips from the master crappie fisherman himself, a shopping cart where you can purchase his Crappie Tackle, and an e-mail address where you can ask thousands of questions about Kansas Crappie or Crappie Fishing in general so that he's as tied to his computer as I am too mine, and doesn't have time to go fishing anymore, and antagonize me with countless pictures of very large Kansas Crappie!!

If you're in South Central Kansas, by all means look Mike up, rumor has it he runs a guide service down there, showing others the Crappie Hotspots and how to make the Magic in the Crappie Magic Tackle work! Hauling in the slab crappies left and right, and taking pictures and sending them to Rocky to torment him while he's tied to his computer and schoolwork!

And, be sure to check out Mike's Favorite Deep Fried Crappie Recipe on the Recipe Page!

The remainder of the Crappie Magic Photo Album is found below, Mike was kind enough to resend a Boatload of Crappie Pictures to fill out the page here! Click on these or any of the thumb-nailed photos on this page to view their full sized cousins!

Crappie Magic Tackle - Hand Poured - Hand Painted - Hand Tied
Slab Crappie are common in Kansas - They're common in the Crappie Magic Fishing Guide's boat too!    Crappie Jigs - Crappie Jigs - and more Crappie Jigs - Custom Tackle from Crappie Magic   Hand Poured - Hand Painted - Hand Tied Crappie Jigs - Crappie Magic Fishing Tackle   Hand Poured - Hand Painted - Crappie Tackle - Crappie Magic   Crappie Guide - Mike Simpson - and a couple of  Kansas Slab Crappies caught on Crappie Magic Tackle

Master Crappie Angler Mike Simpson displays a few Kansas Crappies of the slab variety!    Crappie Magic Tackle bags more Slab Crappie!   Kansas Crappie Guide Mike Simpson catches another Slab Crappie   Slab Crappie on the Berkley Fishing Scale just so y'all won't think he's maybe stretching the truth!   Kansas Crapppie Angler - Mike Simpson - Shows off more Slab Crappies caught on Crappie Magic Crappie Tackle

Kansas Crappie Fishing   Kansas Catfish fall prey to Crappie tackle by Crappie Magic too!   Don't let him try and convince you that's a slab crappie on there! I know better!! (o;?   Kansas Flathead caught on Crappie Magic Crappie Jigs   More Slab Crappie on Crappie Magic Tackle

Master Crappie Angler Mike Simpson shows off a more Kansas Slab Crappie caught on Crappie Magic Crappie Tackle   Kansas Crappie Angler Mike Simpson and Crappie Magic Crappie Tackle win another tournament




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