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Welcome to our Fishing News from abroad section, we're broadening our horizons and including a few links to top notch Fishing Reports and Fishing Articles from far away places, for your reading pleasure! We do hope you find them interesting.

Leading the way in this venture with a fantastic article on Snake River Sturgeon Fishing are Judy and Pat Long at Snake River Guides.
Followed up by Daniel Clark's article on Glow in the Dark Paints, see Glow Inc. for more on Glow in the Dark paint and pigment.

 Snake River Sturgeon Fishing

Believe me, there is nothing like hooking into one of these behemoths …the first thought that enters your mind when the hook is set and it comes up hard and solid is “Oh my God”. You know the fish on the other end of your line is BIG….then you feel the slow throb of a great moving body.... it is the feel of pure power and strength.


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 Glow in the Dark Fishing Lures

As a photoluminescent chemist, I didn't realize the level of bio engineering that goes into designing fishing tackle.  To say the least, I was surprised when I received a phone call from the engineer at Michigan Stinger requesting technical data.  That call took place over two years ago.  Since then, the Stinger engineers have performed over a hundred laboratory and real-life tests to design an efficient high end lure.  As I write this review, their 2004 line of glow lures are being distributed to tackle shops around the world.


Read more about glow in the dark paints, click the Picture!


 Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

Have a close look at the biggest splash in the fishing lure market in years, the Original Bottle Cap Lures... that's right, Bottle Cap Lures! Hear me out... these things WORK! These lures are obviously not only 'catchy' but they're guaranteed to produce results...
Manufactured from recycled bottle caps, steel rattlers and assembled with Mustad Quality Hooks, the Bottle Cap Lures catch everything from bass, crappie, and perch, to trout, salmon, walleye, pike, muskie, char, whitefish... north to south, the list goes on.

See the Bottle Cap Fishing Lures VideoTop


Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

 Flyway Specialties 

Your factory source for Easy-Up duck boat blinds, Ambush turkey blinds, motion decoys, shotgun choke tubes, lanyards, custom calls, Raffia, and other unique waterfowl and turkey hunting products.

Read all about the - Easy Up Duck Boat Blind


Easy Up boat blinds - Ready to hunt in less than 10 seconds!

 Jann's Netcraft Fishing Tackle

Jann's Netcraft offers a complete selection of lure making, rod building, fly tying materials and specialty fishing tackle. The tackle makers source for components since 1941.

Our wide variety of fishing tackle always includes the latest innovations in reels, crankbaits, soft plastic baits, trolling tackle, lubricants, fishing line, scents, fish cleaning tools, storage tackle boxes and much more



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